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A Digital Garden

I have spent the last two days now questioning how and what I write after reading a post from Richard Haines. In his post he mentioned how he stumbled across the Digital Garden idea.

Richard’s post led me to Chris Biscardi’s thoughts on that and in turn Joel Hooks.

Both Joel and Chris mention a post from Amy Hoy (who I’ve just realised I follow on Twitter) in the post Amy talks about the How the Blog Broke the Web

As I’m writing this I’m actually in an Zoom webinar on the subject.

Publish all the things

I decided that where I write about what I learn doesn’t have to be a job, something else to add to my current cognitive load.

I was a bit hasty about publishing everything on my site, there’s no rush for it to be ‘released’ though, I’ll do it as and when I get round to it.

I spent some time cleaning up the site however, I removed all unnecessary cover images and use an Open Graph tool to generate social sharing cards.

The posts folder on this site before and after I purged all the assets.

  • 70mb folder size with cover images
  • 47mb after removing images

I’ll go into more detail on this in the upcoming post [Moving from Now to Netlify then back to Now], I think the title explains a lot of what the content will be on that one

So this is going to work with the notion that I’ll write about things as they come to me, add them here and add to them periodically as an when needed.

This could possibly change after I finish listening to the webinar.

I’m feeling quite liberated about the not saving things behind a published flag now.

Even though I have the most ridiculous filing system

Also publish! Like I’m O’Reilly 😂

The content here is primarily for me and if it helps anyone else then that’s a massive plus, you’re welcome. 🐱

Unpublish all the things

It did! I’ve unpublished a lot of half arsed posts, some just a title and a link. Sorry if you’re reading this and wondering why there’s a post titled Shaving the Yak! with the total content of one sentence and two links!

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