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100 Day's Of Cybersecurity - Day 7

CFReDS NIST Hacking Case



On 09/20/04 , a Dell CPi notebook computer, serial # VLQLW, was found abandoned along with a wireless PCMCIA card and an external homemade 802.11b antennae. It is suspected that this computer was used for hacking purposes, although cannot be tied to a hacking suspect, G=r=e=g S=c=h=a=r=d=t. (The equal signs are just to prevent web crawlers from indexing this name; there are no equal signs in the image files.) Schardt also goes by the online nickname of β€œMr. Evil” and some of his associates have said that he would park his vehicle within range of Wireless Access Points (like Starbucks and other T-Mobile Hotspots) where he would then intercept internet traffic, attempting to get credit card numbers, usernames & passwords.

Find any hacking software, evidence of their use, and any data that might have been generated. Attempt to tie the computer to the suspect, G=r=e=g S=c=h=a=r=d=t

A DD image (in seven parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and notes) and a EnCase image (second part) of the abandoned computer have already been made.

Answers – Click here to download

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